Protecting Our Children

Protecting Our Children


Oftentimes, school protocol requires annual drills that are obsolete for fluid situations, which render them utterly unprepared in deadly crisis situations. We view crisis management as a dynamic and fluid state of occurrence and not a linear set of actions.

When Will It End?

You either hope that it will never happen again, or you anxiously anticipate it so not to be unprepared when it does. Which describes you? The issue of school shootings in America is one fueled by compassion, fear, hope and politics. We feel vulnerable and powerless to prevent them, so we ask ourselves what can be done.

With recent school shootings too heinous to mention, over the past decade more than 400 people have been shot in over 200 school shootings according to data from Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit organization that has been tracking school shootings since 2014.

Crisis Management or Emergency Procedures

For some school administrators, preparedness equates to a 200-page document on a dusty shelf that no one reads until the emergency drill. These annual emergency drills may be obsolete in an active crisis. This approach to the unexpected renders schools unprepared in a deadly confrontation.

Akanson Consulting Group (ACG) Inc. understands the difference between crisis preparedness/management and emergency reactive procedures. We view crisis management as a dynamic and fluid state of occurrence and not a linear set of actions.

Bottom Line

Some crises are preventable, while others are inevitable and need to be navigated appropriately. ACG’s ECCO is your custom-made crisis management and communications plan. Contact us to learn more about this unique and effective approach!

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