Our Rates

Akanson Media Group, LLC

Depending on the service, in addition to the flat rates below, we can also offer an hourly rate. We keep detailed logs of the time we spend on your service. We count in 15 minute increments and round down when in-between them.

Work logs will be disclosed to all clients upon completion of the service. We only work for as long as required, so you’ll never be overbilled for unproductive time. Partial payments are due up front before work begins. Retainers must be paid in full, upfront.

Executive Communication and Contingency Operations

Crisis Management + Communications

$ 3,100+
  • Personalized Crisis Definitions
  • Customized Crisis Anatomy
  • Crisis Forecasting Chart
$ 28,000+
  • All elements of BASE, plus:
  • Detailed Crisis Management Plan for each Customized Crisis Forecast.
$ 97,000
  • All elements of SIGNATURE, plus:
  • Precise Crisis Communication Plan for each Customized Crisis Forecast
$ 325,000
  • All elements of ELITE, plus:
  • Organizational Dynamics
  • Adding great value by making our clients conditions better in the identification of various organizations problems and most effective and efficient ways to solve them.

Business Services+Professional

Organizational Development Plan
$ 1,900
  • Make changes for effectiveness and optimal performance of your business or company.
Business Plan
$ 2,100
  • Forecast your the future of your business and aim directly at your target.
Organizational Charts
$ 500+
  • Need to outline the structure and relationships within your organization? We can craft a customized organizational chart for your needs.
Marketing Plan
$ 3,200
  • Target your audience and clients with a time-tested method of success.
Mission Statements
$ 500+
  • Define your business, service or product and have a presence in your market!
$ 300+
  • Illustrations: $300/illustration (call for rates on multiple illustration)
  • Mobile App/Website Design: $275 - $600
  • Responsive Website Design: $1,050+
  • Animation: $2,000+
  • Web Hosting: $20/month
$ 45+
  • Document Editing+Copywriting:$70/page (editorial reviews negotiable)
  • Translations of Spanish/French/Italian: $45/page
  • Resume Critque: $80

Free Consultation

Whether you're an established corporation or wanting to start a small business, we can assist you with getting the most value for your investment. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you!